Jonathan Goertzen

Name: Jonathan Goertzen

Hometown: Steinbach, Manitoba

Occupation: Police Officer

Years Competing: 1

Competition history/highlights:
2016- MABBA Provincial Qualifier – Light Heavyweight 1st place

I will be competing in the 2017-MABBA Provincial championships as a Heavyweight.

Off-season training split:

Day 1: Quads, Hamstrings, Calves
Day 2: Chest, Abs
Day 3: back
Day 4: Off
Day 5: Delts, Abs, Calves
Day 6: Biceps, Triceps
Day 7: Off
20 mins cardio post workout

Competition training split:

Same as Off-season but add AM cardio

Favorite body parts to train: Back, arms

Least favorite body parts to train: don’t have any

Favorite off-season meal: Pizza

Favorite dieting meal: Beef and yams

Advice for beginners: Be modest and willing to learn. Ask questions and be willing to help others when you are asked, because you will never know everything. Getting advice about food and supplements is just as or more important than training.

Favorite Supplements: C4 from cellucor, AllMax Iso in Chocolate and Ulitmate Nutrition BCAAs.

Why I choose Muscles by Meyers: I have always felt at home when I attended Muscles by Meyers. The staff is experienced and are not just looking for a sale. From the first time I walk into the store till this day, I have been treated like family.