Lee Gaudet

Name: Lee Gaudet

Age: 28

Hometown: Selkirk Manitoba, now call Winnipeg home

Occupation: Crane operator, Operating Engineers Local 987

Years competing: 10, I started training and fighting in 2004
Competition history/highlights:
Began competing in kickboxing and modified Muay Thai fights.
After watching the early UFCs, like everyone else I was hooked!
Started training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, competing in submission grappling tournaments. Then I transitioned to MMA (mixed martial arts). Now I compete/fight in anything I can sign up for!

Favourite thing about my sport: Always amazing fighting in front of my friends and family in Winnipeg. The amount of support I get is amazing.

Off-season training regimen:
Always learning and training, just not as intense, I never stop though. MMA is a life style for me.

Competition training regimen:
I train almost every day of the week in MMA styles. When my body is hurting I just try and grind though it. I take trips to a massage therapist and chiropractor if needed.

Favorite style of training:
Nothing like MMA sparring for a workout AKA full body beat down.

Least favorite body parts to train:
Legs, the day after I train them is the worst, especially if I'm training full time.

Favorite off-season meal: Pizza

Favorite dieting meal: Spinach! I eat it with everything; even drink it in all my smoothies.

Favorite Supplements: Vitargo, Nutrabolics Anabolic State, ProSupps Leucine Matrix, GAT Nitraflex.
I love pre-workout drinks to give me a boost if I'm having a lazy day.
I like trying different products to see if I notice different results.
I listen to the staff at MxM for the best advice I could ever imagine.
Start with a solid mutivitamin like PharmaFreak VitaFreak, a protein and BCAAs.

"When I'm not competing, I like to..." do anything outdoors, out of the city, at a lake, in the wild.

What's in your gym bag? Depending on what gym I'm going to, it could be boxing gloves, MMA gloves, shin guards, mouth guard, Jiu Jitsu kimono, rash guard, change of clothes, and always a bottle of water, BCAAs and a post workout drink for afterwards.

What kind of advice do you have for beginners?
Always have fun.
Everybody learns and progresses at a different pace. Be open-minded.

On being a Muscles by Meyers Sponsored Athlete: I applied for a position on the roster, and after meeting the staff of Muscles by Meyers and showing them what I do, they gave me a spot on their team of athletes. I was honored to be a part of such an amazing supplement store and have the opportunity to represent them at my events. I recommend them over competitors because they truly know their stuff and are eager to help as many people as they can with all of their health/fitness/sport needs!