Michelle Espino

Name: Michelle Espino

Age: 33

Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Living: Regina, Saskatchewan

Occupation: Personal Trainer, Hairstylist

Years Competing: 3

Competition history/highlights 2012 IDFA Novice Fitness Model - 1st Place & Overall
2012 INBF Fitness Model - 1st Place & Overall
2013 Fitness Star International Athletic Fitness Model - 1st Place & Overall
2013 IDFA Open Category - 1st Place and Pro Card Winner
2014 SABBA NOVICE Championships Bikini Short – 4th Place
2014 SABBA Provincial Championships Bikini Short - 5th Place
2014 IFBB International Events Qualifier Bikini Class B - 4th Place

Off-season training split: I lift 3 days a week with 2 days of cardio. My lifts are all compound exercises, challenging myself to lift heavy. Squats, deadlifts, overhead press, row and bench press.
Competition training split: Currently training 4 days a week
Day 1: Chest and Biceps
Day 2: Legs
Day 3: Back & Calves
Day 4: Shoulders & Triceps
Plus two 20 min HIIT cardio session per week & one 30 minute circuit training

Favorite body parts to train: Back & Legs

Least favorite body parts to train: Chest

Favorite off-season meal: Nachos with a glass of red wine!

Favorite dieting meal: Sweet potatoes, peanut butter, cottage chees!

Favorite Supplements: Purple-K Reps, AllMax Aminocore BCAAs, Elite Whey Chocolate and Quest bars!

"When I'm not competing, I like to..." Spend time with my family, travel and try new activities!

What's in your gym bag? Sweet Sweat, runners, my iPod and lip gloss! :)

What kind of advice do you have for beginners? Believe in the process and always keep the big picture in mind. In the beginning it's hard to see your path, but if you keep your chin up and work hard, you will inspire yourself and others!

Why I choose Muscles by Meyers: Because they made me feel like family right from the beginning! They are professional, easy going and extremely knowledgeable! I've always admired their athletes and couldn't be nire honoured to be a part of the team!