SD Pharmaceuticals Anti-A Anti-Aromitase/Testosterone Agent 60 c

ANTI-A Patented Anti-Aromatase

The ANTI-A formula was developed based on research conducted at the Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Mississippi. Researchers at the University of Mississippi studied the anti-aromatase and estrogenic activity of 24 different compounds isolated from the damiana plant and discovered that one of the 24 compounds is a very potent aromatase inhibitor and has absolutely zero estrogenic properties! The name of this compound is acacetin and it's the primary ingredient found in the ANTI-A formula.

Why is ANTI-A More Effective than All Other Anti-Aromatase Products?
(1) ANTI-A delivers pure ACACETIN99, which is a newly discovered anti aromatase compound shown to inhibit up to 63% of aromatase activity. (Currently, the ACACETIN99 ingredient is exclusively licensed to SD Pharmaceuticals for use in the ANTI-A formula.)
(2) ACACETIN99 is one of the only compounds in the world that has potent anti-aromatase effects AND absolutely zero estrogenic properties.
(3) ANTI-A not only blocks the aromatase enzyme and prevents estrogen production, but also it inhibits the 5-α-reductase enzyme and prevents the conversion of testosterone to DHT.

1. Inhibits Aromatase Activity by up to 63%!
2. Prevents Estrogen Production
3. Blocks DHT Production!
4. Elevates Testosterone!