SD Pharmaceuticals Mucuna Pruriens 750 126caps


SD Pharmaceuticals new MUCUNA PRURIENS 750™ is a cutting-edge testosterone booster that’s based on the latest scientific research! In fact, there is no other natural ingredient on the planet that works to increase testosterone in the same unique way that mucuna does. The specialized mucuna seed powder that’s used in MUCUNA PRURIENS 750™ is what’s called a ‘360-degree full spectrum mucuna’. It has been specifically sourced to provide a proprietary spectrum of phytochemicals, and most importantly, those that are needed to deliver testosterone-boosting effects!

How Does MUCUNA PRURIENS 750™ Work?
MUCUNA PRURIENS 750™ is able to increase testosterone secretion by its action on the central nervous system through dopamine, adrenaline, noradrenaline, and the testes. In fact, these actions allow MUCUNA PRURIENS 750™ to block the release of prolactin, which is a testosterone killer! Blocking prolactin allows the pituitary to secrete more luteinizing hormone (LH), which then travels to the testes, where it signals the Leydig cells to synthesize and secrete more testosterone!

Remember, there’s no other product or ingredient in the world that can boost testosterone through these unique pathways – only MUCUNA PRURIENS 750!