Precision - The Stack
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Lose the pounds faster than ever before with The Stack! Only from Precision.

Daily Dose Provides:

- 320mg of Caffeine

- 40mg of Synephrine

- 30mg of Salicin


Synephrine - Specifically targets fat burning (lipolysis) without increasing heart rate or raising blood pressure.

Caffeine - Stimulates the central nervous system to keep you energized and in a thermogenic (fat burning) state. It also promotes the breakdown of stored fat for fuel.

White Willow Bark
- Acts as a natural alternative to Aspirin, helping to thin the blood, balance any stimulant-related spikes to blood pressure and improve oxygen and energy transport all throughout the body.

Recommended Use: Helps to promote alertness and endurance, and to enhance cognitive and motor performance.

Recommended Dose: (Adults) Take 1 capsule of Precision The Stack, twice daily. Every 3 to 4 hours, as needed. Consult a health care professional for use beyond 8 weeks. For occasional use only.

90 capsules