Blue Star GlycoDrive $53.99

More For Your Muscles.

The new GlycoDrive isn't just an advancement of itself - it's an advancement of nutraceuticals altogether.* It puts the power of glycogen recovery in the palm of your hands.* It helps eliminate carb-consumption remorse.* And whether you use it before a carb-heavy meal or a marathon lift session, GlycoDrive will increase carbohydrate delivery to your muscles more than anything that's ever come before it.*

Carbs aren't your problem - where you're storing them is. After you eat, your body breaks down carbohydrates into glucose and then releases insulin which delivers the glucose into your muscles where it's stored as glycogen. Your muscles use this glycogen for size, strength, and energy. Unfortunately, sometimes your muscles decide on their own that they have enough glucose. When this happens, the glucose goes to your fat cells and the muscle-building benefits are lost. Use GlycoDrive before carb-heavy meals to encourage your body to send glucose to your muscles - and away from your fat.* One serving. One purpose. That's the power of GlycoDrive.

The new GlycoDrive contains ActiGin, the same trademarked ingredient used by professional athletes and fitness models to increase glycogen storage by up to 370%.* This breakthrough ingredient also helps GlycoDrive decrease muscle damage by up to 69% and increase muscle energy by up to 22%.* So don't just use GlycoDrive before you eat, use it after you train for results and recovery just like the pros.*

Guys who are trying to burn fat or build ripped muscle love GlycoDrive for its ability to increase insulin sensitivity.* With increased insulin sensitivity your body will produce less insulin after consuming carbohydrates.* And since your body has a difficult time burning fat in the presence of insulin, low levels are ideal.*

Recommended Use: For maximium carbohydrate delivery into the muscles, take 1 capsule of GLYCODRIVE with all carbohydrate meals.

60 capsules