Precision I-PLX Multi-Source Isolate Complex

Introducing Precision I-PLX®. Combine five different isolates, three fiber sources and two fats and you have a revolutionary protein supplement. I-PLX® is the first prolonged availability protein derived entirely from pure protein isolates. Due to their varying digestive rates, this unique combination offers an expanded window of protein availability. No more catabolic down time or an excessive number of shakes each day. No more wasting of your endless and exhausting hours in the gym with inadequate fuel for repair. If that’s not enough, I-PLX® is so rich, creamy and delicious you won’t believe it’s 100% protein isolate.

World’s first sustained release isolate
• Over 50g of protein
• Over 11g of BCAA’s
• Offers instant, short and medium term protein availability
• A smooth delicious taste that puts all other isolates to shame

I-PLX® features three unique protein, fiber and fat complexes in order to create varying digestive rates for instant, short and medium term protein availability.
This strategic combination of five high quality whey protein isolates, each with its own unique digestion and entry rate, allows for unprecedented nitrogen availability from an isolate source.
Iso Chill 93 — 93% protein, patented cold temperature process
provides a completely undenatured and fully bioactive protein.
BiPro 97 — 97% protein, the highest protein density of any
whey isolate!
Whey Isolate Hydrolysate — 90% protein, predigested into short peptides for rapid uptake. The fastest acting orally ingested protein.
Alacen 895 — 92% protein, imported from New Zealand, renowned for its purity and potency. Bovine growth hormone, antibiotic and pesticide free.
Alapro — 87% protein, the slowest digesting, longest lasting isolate, derived from pure whole milk protein.
This low glycemic blend slows gastric emptying and allows for a longer and more gradual absorption opportunity.
Inulin, Carageenan & Cellulose
These two fats help prolong digestion and moderate the digestive process for sustained protein availability.
MCT’s & Flax Seed Oil

Complete your routine, reach your potential and Engineer the Body You Crave™ with Precision I-PLX®.

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