ANS N-PRO $69.99

N-PRO IS the professional choice for muscle feeding nitrogen from 100% whole protein!*

N-PRO is the epitome of protein quality, a designer blend of 6 different forms of whole protein formulated for rapid, intermediate and sustained delivery of muscle building fuel.* Cross-flow, cold-processed and microfiltered, these high quality proteins will provide hours of sustained ammunition for enhanced muscle protein generation.*

Nutritional studies have compared whey protein alone to combinations of whey protein with slower digesting proteins like egg and casein and witnessed that the blends are superior:

Blends promotes a positive nitrogen balance already within normal range;*
Blends trigger higher levels of muscle protein synthesis*, as well as
Blends offer a prolonged duration of amino acid absorption and thus muscle growth and recovery.*
Combine these benefits of the carefully crafted blend of high quality proteins with nothing but the highest standard of flavor decadence and you get N-PRO. No added amino acids, maltodextrin or fatty creamers; no gluten and no banned substances; just 26 grams of delicious protein for you to N-Joy and is designed to N-Hance your gains!

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