Progressive Phytoberry Powder 900g

PhytoBerry® is a highly concentrated berry based whole food supplement that is loaded with natural antioxidants. Featuring a comprehensive blend of over 40 high ORAC value fruit concentrates, phytonutrients, essential fatty acids and herbal extracts, PhytoBerry is specifically designed to promote whole body protection. PhytoBerry has been professionally formulated and contains no artificial ingredients of any kind. A single serving has the equivalent nutrient content of 6 to 9 servings of fresh fruit.

A rich source of:

•17 berry and fruit concentrates
•14 phytonutrients
•6 essential fatty acids
•6 essential oils
Other Benefits

•~5000 ORAC units per serving!
•Equals 6-8 servings of fresh fruit
•Promotes energy
•Support a healthy immune system
•Supports cardiovascular health
•Promote cognitive function

The Need for a Botanical Antioxidant Supplement

Although we know that fruit, and especially berries, contain many of nature´s most potent antioxidants and phytochemicals, many of us fail to consume the optimal amounts necessary to maintain vibrant health. As well, factors like environmental toxins, stress and excessive free radical exposure challenge us each and every day. Free radicals are reactive compounds that can damage the cells that they come into contact with. Although impossible to avoid, we need to minimize our exposure to free radicals while simultaneously supporting our body´s ability to neutralize them. Unless kept in check, excessive free radicals can cause a chain reaction that contributes to the erosion of good health. Antioxidants provide the body's defenses with added support against free radicals. Consuming a potent antioxidant-rich supplement can act as a wonderful insurance policy by promoting all the protective power of fresh berries, and phytonutrients.


Research suggests that antioxidants work synergistically and are effective when a spectrum of fruits is ingested, not just isolated compounds. Additional antioxidant support may be achieved by increasing your consumption of fruits and vegetables, particularly those high in ORAC value.

Whole Body Antioxidant Support

You also have to understand that our individual organs and internal systems have unique anti oxidant requirements. Often times an organ is best supported by a botanical nutrient that may only have a modest ORAC score. A higher ORAC nutrient that is less supportive of that organ may have a higher score but will not be able to offer the same level of support. PhytoBerry does have an exceptional ORAC score, but its primary focus is to promote whole body antioxidant support by using a harmonized and synergistic combination of nutrients that in concert target each organ and key body system.