PhD PharmaPure

Pharma-Pure High Protein Lean Muscle System

Pharma-Pure from PhD Nutrition contains protein from only one major source, Whey Protein Isolate. The purest form of Whey Protein available, Whey Protein Isolate contains the least amount of naturally occurring fat or carbohydrates of all the Whey Protein varieties. This makes Pharma-Pure a great choice of protein powder for those seeking lactose free content and of course, a pure protein source that has been traditionally recognized as providing a superb source of readily available amino acids.

Pharma-Pure contains:
Microfractions such as Lactoferrin, Glycomacropeptides, Lactoglobulin and Immunoglobulins for optimum health.
L-glutamine, Taurine and the critical cluster of BCAA’s (Iso-leucine, Leucine and Valine).
Naturally-high levels of the amino acid Cystine, a pre-cursor to the vital anti-oxidant Glutathione.
100% Whey Protein Isolate.
No added sugar.

When used in conjunction with a healthy and active lifestyle, Pharma-Pure may:
Assist muscle growth.
Provide feeling of fullness.
Aid energy.

Athletes may require more dietary protein than those who do not exercise regularly. Pharma-Pure can be used as many times daily as is required. Pharma-Pure is great when used:

Upon waking.
Pre-workout to ensure adequate amino acid levels.
Post-workout to aid with amino acid replenishment.
Before going to bed to help satisfy protein requirements during sleep.

Directions for use: For optimum results use 2-4 servings of Pharma-Pure daily. Ideally, use 1 serving 60-90 minutes prior to intense exercise, followed by 1-2 servings immediately upon completion of intense exercise.

To Mix a regular shake providing 27 grams of protein: Add 1 serving (1 scoop) to 200-250ml of ice cold water or 250ml of milk and shake for approx 5 seconds.

For a thicker, higher-protein shake, providing 40 grams of protein: Add 1.5 servings (1.5 scoops) of Pharma-Pure to 200-250ml of ice cold water or 250ml of milk and shake for approx 5-10 seconds.

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