Progressive OmegEssentials +D 120caps

Progressive OmegEssential + D
What is Progressive OmegEssential + D?
Progressive OmegEssential + D is a concentrated EPA/DHA omega-3 formula with added Vitamin D. The 2:1 EPA/DHA ratio supports a healthy inflammatory and immune response. It contains:

•Pharmaceutical quality fish oil (sardine, anchovy, mackerel): Essential fatty acids that support cardiovascular health, and offer benefits against pain and inflammation
Why should you care about using Progressive OmegEssential + D?
Progressive OmegEssential + D uses pharmaceutical quality fish oil to provide the ideal balance of EPA/DHA to support optimal health and well-being. It can help to:

•Support cardiovascular health
•Improve joint health and mobility
•Improve feelings of positive mood and well-being
•Improve your skin and hair
•Protect against cancer
•Protect your immune system
•Strengthen bones by improving absorption of calcium
How can you benefit from using Progressive OmegEssential + D?
Progressive OmegEssential + D adds the proven benefits of Vitamin D to a balanced Omega 3 formula. It is ideal if:

•You get little exposure to the sun
•You tend to avoid the sun
•You want to lift your mood
•You have irregular sleep patterns
•You need to supplement your Vitamin D intake
•You have osteoporosis
•Reduce risk of breast cancer and colon cancer
•Lower your cholesterol
•Reduce your blood pressure
•Stabilize your heart rate
•Protect the arteries from buildup of bad fatty acids and cholesterol
What is the best way for you to use Progressive OmegEssential + D?
Adults should take 1 tsp of Progressive OmegEssential + D daily.