Sarah J. Bow

Name: Sarah J. Bow

Age: 29

Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Occupation: Group Fitness Instructor (Les Mills RPM, BODYStep and CXWorx Certified), and Microbiology Lab Tech.

Years Competing: 2
Competition history/highlights: 2013 MABBA Provincial Qualifier 8th Place
2014 MABBA Provincial Championships 5th Place
Highlight of my competition career: At a Freak posing class 8 weeks out from the 2014 MABBA Provincial Qualifier competition- as I completed my individual compulsory poses Darren and Christina said to me "You're officially a Figure competitor!"
Off-season training split:
Cardio: teaching 3-4 1hr group exercise classes per week
Weight training: 4 days per week

Competition training split:
Cardio: Teach one 1hr group exercise class every day
Weight training: 5 days per week

Favorite body parts to train: Delts/Back

Least favorite body parts to train: Chest

Favorite off-season meal: Any combination of Kraft peanut butter, bananas and chocolate (but mostly chocolate).

Favorite dieting meal: Oatmeal with peanut butter.

Favorite Supplements: ALL PharmaFreak Supplements and Nutrabolics IsoBolic Cinnamon Oatmeal Protein.

"When I'm not competing, I like to..."
Teach and participate in group fitness classes.

What's in your gym bag?
Bad smells, runners, cycling shoes, wrist wraps, headphones and various used socks (hence the first item on the list).

What kind of advice do you have for beginners?
Make it your lifestyle. Make it something you are excited to do every day. Make it something you are truly passionate about. And above all, make it for YOU!

Why I choose Muscles by Meyers:
I shop at Meyers because I know I will be getting not only the best products for my specific fitness goals, but also the best background information from their highly educated and knowledgeable staff. They can explain exactly how each product works and what it will do for me so I know exactly what I am putting in my body.