Shelly Paton

Shelly Paton - Ifbb pro - 51 years old.

Has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years. She is a CPT- CESP Personal trainer and MFC certified fitness leader and evaluator. Freak Fitness Prep Coach.

3 time Canadian fitness Champion
Earned her Ifbb pro card in fitness in 2013!
Represented Canada at the Amateur World Fitness Championships in 2012 placing 6th.
Since earning her pro card; Shelly has done 6 pro shows in Canada and the US.

8th place in Toronto Pro Show in 2014
12th place in Phoenix Pro show in 2014
In 2015 placed 9th at Toronto Pro show; placed 12th in North Carolina Pro Show in 2016 and 8th place in Phoenix Europa show in October 2016.

At 51 is still considering another competition season in 2017, in Fitness!